Greetings from Light Worker
Miguel Angel

I invite you to experience a magical trip into the power of sound, combining ancient techniques of relaxation and breathing, with powerful sound waves of the crystal bowls, harmonizing your energy centers, activating the electromagnetic fields and recovering your vitality.

Sound has been used by many different cultures as a transformation tool. Over the millenia it has been utilized in many important ceremonies. There is a new resurgence into sound research and usage, as it is announced by the Hopi prophecy that speaks of the coming of the guardians of the crystal bowls. Vibrational therapy was used in Egypt, Quartz Faience Bowls were found in Egypt from the 13th Dynasty - (1,700 B.C.E. - nearly 4,000 years old!). Edgar Cayce, the clairvoyant, announced that sound would become the medicine of the future. Nostradamus fortold of the ability to cure cancer using pure musical tones . While at the same time, science is today investigating the subtle energies of sound and vibration and its infinite transforming possibilities.

I play the crystal bowls in an intuitive way, arriving at a comunion with the energies of the quartz crystal, drawing on my knowledge as a Yoga Instructor.

I use several different sizes of crystal bowls, each for different practices. Large crystal bowls of 45cm. (18 inches) or more in diameter for group meditations and large concerts. A selection of medium and small crystal bowls for intensive work, and another set of practitioner crystal bowls for individual therapy sessions. They are beautiful vases of power, harmonization, and transformation.

At the beginning of the new millenium, I had a life-changing, transformational experience, while attending my first meditation with quartz crystal bowls. This initiation, with the powerful sounds of the crystal bowls, from the beginning, has given me the privilege of sitting next to the instructor during each ceremony. The experience was instantaneous, a state of high consciousness and a divine conection.

Sound is but one of the old and intuitive medicine forms. Who does not benefit when listening to a pleasant melody, when listening the bells of a church, or the sound of an organ? Even so there is a great percentage of the population that does not believe in these techniques. We all need an energy adjustment, and it is not necessary to undress, as with a session of massage.

Reasons to take a session from sound: desire to relax, to achieve grounding, to re-connect with the limitless energy of the universe.

I invoke the spirit of Shamael
Angel of sacred sound
May the sound of light surround me
May the light of sound guide me
May the sacred sound pass through me
For the harmony of all

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