• Crystal bowl activities in 9 places for your convenience:

  • AlmaZen un lugar orgánico. REIKI  Besares 1078 de Chacras 
    Sadhana yoga integral, yoga para embarazadas, yogaterapia. La Puntilla
    CENTRO RECREATIVO "TODOS SOMOS UNO" Olegario V Andrade 228 5ªSeccion Cdad
    Viernes 20hs - Sabados - 17hs   Armonizacion con Sonido y clases YOGASONICA
    Kaipacha Allin Centro de Relajacion San Martin 8241Carrodilla tel 4364794


    SABADOS CUENCOS Armonizacion de chakras


    Sabados Te, cuencos y amigos: Limpieza y Armonizacion chakrica 16:30hs

    Samira - Don Bosco 163 Ciudad Sabados Armonizacion de chakras
    Gabinete Miguelcuencos  Armonizacion con cuencos, con cristales y masajes 4528102/156568277

    LUZ-uriaga - Sarmiento

  • Vibratory Network of Quartz Bowls for the Nativity Season 2009
    The network consists of a series of immense concerts in November and December, synchronized and aligned with the spirit of Christmas to bring harmonization not only to Mendoza, but for all of Argentina, and the planet. The network will envelop the city to form a vibrating grid leading to Aconcagua. Watch here for updates to the schedule of concerts. To participate or schedule a concert, please contact me.
    Concerts and events will take place throughout Mendoza in holistic centers, meditation groups, yoga classes, self-help groups, nursing homes, and private homes, indoors and outdoors.
    The sound, and the synergy of the group, creates a harmonic vortex. We use the following techniques: special meditations, ascension sounds, vocalization, prayer, and mantras, with the sounds of the crystal bowls.

    21/12 Solsticio Devas 20:30 hs
    22/12 Mantra Gayatri con cuencos Devas 19:30 hs
    23/12 MEDITACION chakras quinta dimension Devas 19:30 hs
    24/12 Centro Sai Gayatri mantram y ceremonia 19hs
    26/12 MEDITACION chakras quinta dimension Devas 11 hs
    26 y 27/12 MEDITACION chakras quinta dimension Casita Sonica
    28/12 MEDITACION de Navidad Devas 20:30 hs
    29/12 Mantra Gayatri con cuencos Devas 20:30 hs
    30/12 MEDITACION de Navidad Devas 20:30 hs
    2/1 MEDITACION 2010 Devas 11 hs
    2 y 3/1. MEDITACION 2010 Casita Sonica
    4/1 MEDITACION 2010 Devas 11 hs

  • Monday September 8th Newspaper article in Diario Uno

  • November 2008
    Schedule of Sound activities

    Group Sessions being scheduled at the following locations:
    I V P Instituto de Voz Profesional
    Auditorio Radio Nacional
    Amada Madre Tierra
    Mi Libreria Rosita Zingaretti

    *Individual Sessions with the sound of bowls: pedir turno

    Clases in Sound Yoga are held at : I V P Instituto de Voz Profesional
    Monday and Thursday at 8:00 pm

    Please confirm your reservation by calling 4528102 / 156568277, Thank you.

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