Biography of Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel is a native of Mendoza, Argentina. His early years were spent in the towns of Polvaredas and Uspallata, high in the Andes mountains near the Chilean border. The photo at the top of the home page is from a recent harmonization concert in his home town Polvaredas, at 2050 meters above sea level along Route 7, near one of the entrances to Aconcagua National Park.

He has studied sound therapy using quartz crystal bowls, "Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls" in the United States.

Instructor of Sound Therapy, School of Sacred Sounds Angel Heart, Florida, US.

Certified Yoga Instructor 1984 - present Mendoza, Argentina, with more than 20 years experience and study, in Argentina and abroad.

Massage, Shiatsu, Yoga Center New York, US

Vibrational Therapy, California, US

Ashtanga Yoga, New York, US

Chakra balancing with Color, (Reiki with colors)

Yoga and techniques relating to Meditation, New Mexico, US, Seatle, Washington, US, Mexico

Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist, Dayloplas Institute, Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina
Licensed & Certified Aromatherapist, Dayloplas Institute, Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina

Recent Quartz Bowls Concert events in Mendoza:
Almas Violeta School of Reiki
Omega Interdisciplinay Center
Ghannesa Institute
Center of Chinese Culture
Shanti Niketan
Federation of Yoga
Plaza Independencia
Parque Gral. San Martin
Devas tienda natural
Centro Quimey
Meditacion Masiva
Centro Renaciendo
Centro Prana
Universidad de Congreso
Casa de Biodanza

For years I have been dedicated to the study and the deepening the art of healing with quartz instruments and tibetan bowls. And now, since 2002 I have begun to spread these lessons, offering concerts and courses in both North and South America.