An Individual Participation workshop where the students will have the opportunity to study and play the crystal bowls. The primary objectives of a crystal bowl workshop is the development of intention, connection, visualization, observation, confidence, and intuition.

The programs include:

Preliminary exercises of energy alignment, vocalization, use of the voice in combination with the crystal bowls, rythem, creative visualization, and color therapy.

Introduction, History and Origin.

Exercises of Yoga to become loose and to help energy flow in the channels.

Relaxation: this is essential to be able to absorb the benefits of the sound.

Techniques to handle and play crystal bowls.

Sonic massage: acts as energy generator and is very effective for muscular pain and disorders of the nervous system. It produces a deep cleaning at the level of cellular memory. This may also include Circle of sound, group improvisation, song of the OM, concentration and meditation, deep relaxation necessary to process the harmonization effects. Some of the sensations that you may experience are heat, a warm sensation, or fresh and deep relaxation. This is your own energy. Use your intuition, allow yourself to journey, leave the analytical mind.

Alignment: with the sound of the crystal bowls, the therapist locates crystal bowls relative to energy centers. This causes changes of temperature. Although your body may not feel the energy, your body is receiving an adjustment, balance and refining with musical notes. This process even continues after the end of the session. Result: clearing of energy blockages in the chakras, an increase in vibration.

Please do not drink liquids, and eat only lightly 1 or 2 hours before .
Wear comfortable clothing, preferredly silk, that has crystalline properties.
Please call to confirm attendance. Space is Limited