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Maya Calendar celebration "Day out of Time"
Wednesday July 25 Mendoza Parque Central

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December 2006

The Vibratory Net in December 2006 was concieved as a series of Harmonization Concerts during the Christmas holiday season to harmonize Mendoza, the country, and the planet. A special thank you to all the souls that attended, sharing their vibratory field for personal and group benefit in our society, and its lasting effects on the national and global level. Special thanks to all the holistic centers, alternative and multidisciplinary centers for being united for the greater planetary Vibratory Chain. Thank you for your help to wake up consciences and to harmonize beings in the 2006. Thanks, Miguel Angel.


Deva's Tienda Natural: Our First concert of the Vibratory Chain December 1, 2006
It was a joy celebration, with deep meditation and much peace. When concluding, the smiles and the tears flowed throughout. Special Thank You to Angelina and Santiago of Devas for their enormous collaboration and opening. Thank You

Massive Meditation, Plaza Independencia, December 3, 2006
Many meditators created a very special ambience, then the crystaline sounds of the bowls and vocalizations closed the morning with light and profound peace. Thank you to Monica Perez and Miguel Angel Ozan for their enormous colaboration and openness.

Centro Renaciendo - December 8, 2006: It was very special and spacial, we harmonized the chakras with Dora. Then we made our trip to the inner universe with the music of the spheres, complete with mantras, with the violet notes of the sounds of bells and Angels filled the hall. It was so sublime that when finished, the feeling, the spirit of Christmas, and the sound of silence do not speak a single word. Very special thank you to Dora of the Centro Renaciendo for her enormous collaboration and opening; and to her 1 year old son, Uriel for climbing into the crystal bowl..

Practice session for the Circle of Sound December 13

Sound Meditation for Christmas at Centro Omega December 15

Circle of Sound, Plaza Independencia, December 16

Exercises of vocalization, and much camaraderie between the bowl players, quartz and metal bowls, bells, Ting Shahs all resonated continuously. Also there were didgeridoos, voices, mantras, harmonic sounds. This was very integrating, a beautiful final silence, invocations, a circle joining hands, reiki, massage, spinning chakras, applause, and a big group hug. A very warm experience for the participants and the planet. I am grateful to all the bowl players and participants of the 16 of December 2006 by its enormous collaboration, opening and camaraderie: Bowl Player Miguel Ozan sacred sound master and Yoga instructor. Cristina Franceschini - Mayan Calendar. Marta Rueda - TriYoga instructor. Gabi Elgueta Reiki master and Cromoterapia instructor. Graciela Martinez from Sai Baba institute. Gimena Ruz - from Omega. Monica Perez - Reiki master and coordinator of the Massive Meditation. Yamila and Pablo playing didgeridoos. Felix and other players of metal and quartz bowls. Nena and Betty - from Omega. We were really the manifestation of the principles of the circles before, during, and after the Ceremony. Thank you. I AM LIKE YOU, MAY ALL BEINGS BE ETERNALLY HAPPY…

Sound Meditation for Christmas at Shanti Niketan December 17
Since the hall at Shanti Niketan holds more than 100 people, the universe therefore arranged it. We were those that had to be, and we harmonized with a mega concert with 3 bowl players, emitting countless harmonic vibrations to the universe. The final meditation in the end was very strong, powerful, there were tears of joy. Thanks to Elena Rodriguez and her husband. And for the chamomille tea afterwards.

Centro Quimey December 20
Beautiful group of Feldenkrais, Yoga, and Reiki. Their first time experiencing vibrational therapy, it was very warm and harmonious. Thank you to Graciela of Feldenkrais and Cristina Franceschini of the Mayan calendar / Kryon for opening and goodwill.

Devas Tienda Natural - December 22

People arrived early, at 21:30 hs they continue arriving. This place is a natural products store and products of aromaterapy, with a beautiful garden Feng Shui, so we began with the use of essential oils to get into to mood. After chakra alignment we entered in a very deep relaxation, the atmosphere filled with light and peace. Since being outdoors on a summer night, we felt the presence of the devas of nature. In the end, the meditation of the Spirit of Christmas put us in a sublime state, we placed the gifts and lit the chakra Christmas Tree, to reborn again and again. Many assistants were touched, the tears flowed, although from rejoicing, joy and internal cleaning. We took a while to return from the trip, the sound of silence and the last tones of quartz crystal bowls still vibrating in the atmosphere. A great golden sphere enveloped the group. Soon we closed as usual with the massage on the shoulders of the neighbor. The first and last place where the Vibratory Net of December in Mendoza was special and sacred simultaneously. Special thank you to Angelina and Santiago of Deva's for their enormous collaboration and opening.

Ceremony of the Angels - Shanti Niketan December 23

Ceremony of the Three Kings - Shanti Niketan January 6, 2007

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