Report from the Equinox concert,
I want to share what took place the day of the Equinox in the Parque General San Martin, and thanks especially to Miguel Angel and his team, that with his crystal singing bowls, put a magic touch to this moment. It was a re-encounter of souls with our Mother Earth and the whole nature, which was happy and shared back. I could even feel the Grandfather trees and birds enjoying the moment. Even the stars started to show up to listen. Thank you to the brothers and sisters who participated and especially Miguel Angel.

Miguel: I’m very thankfull for your emails and info, I love it and especially this photo, because I was in it. I wish you Happy Easter! From the heart.. Vibratory Net and Ceremony of the Angels, Shanti Niketan,

Dear brother!
It makes me very happy seeing your photos and your wonderful message throughout the city. May the light of the Father and the heavenly sounds keep inspiring you to bring harmony wherever you go. With love I use this media to send you my admiration, and hope. Keep serving the light and touching the hearts of so many souls.
Big brotherly hug,

Great Miguel,
It’s beautiful what you are doing…I love that you share this, it’s lovely, I know you’ve been in the US and have that "strength". Don’t ever loose it.
Love Graciela

Miguel Angel thank you very much for sharing these events. That picture with the child inside the bowl is beautiful. I want to know if you have music cds or dvds, so I can experience the meditation at long distance. Greetings and I wish you keep going with this important work.
Happy Easter!
Adriana, Chihuahua México

Hi Miguel,
Congratulations for your activities, we are changing the world! I’ll select some of your photos for our web page. Take a look and see if you like it.

Yes, I love them. I go to the concerts often, and I love Mendoza.
Blessings and much healing sounds. While I'm writing to you, I'm looking at my crystal bowl, which unites us.

Hi Miguel,
Thank you for all your activities. It helps me a lot to work with the bowls. I live in Bahia Blanca, so it's far away to meet you, but we connect through the matrix. If the spirit permits it, one day we'll meet in person. I send you blessings and light to your heart, and a 2007 full of health, prosperity, love, and joy.

Everyone that is on this path, we know that money is not the most important thing. But it is also energy, and really, a person thoroughly balanced and positive wouldn't have been annoyed so much paying for your concerts. And they should actually feel happy to pay, to feel the vibration of your concerts.
In Lake'ch,

Saint Petersburg, Florida, US
What a Beautiful picture and concert!
Radiant Blessings,
Rosie, The Sound Body Center

I hope one day to come to Mendoza and meet you. Some friends tell me you are doing a great job over there. I salute you, and appreciate you. Thank you for participating in the Harmonization Ceremonies.
I send you much peace and joy.

Hello Miguel Angel,
Thank you for the invitation. I am from Buenos Aires, and like you, I am a bowl player. I join you from my space in Bs. As. for the meditation for peace. Millions of spheres of light for you and all the souls that are gathering there. I am part of the group, Music of the Spheres, directed by Marcelo Pietraccone. In my journey, I also combine different techniques, the sound of the bowls, with other healing modalities, like Angels and Cellular Memory, the Gaiadon Heart, and the latest in healing techniques. Congratulations for our activities in that beautiful city, you are a lighthouse in the spine of our country.
Blessings and Light,

From Mexico,
Miguel, I'm writing to you from a province in Mexico. My name is Adriana, and I am a floral therapist. I found you on the internet, and I'm delighted to finally meet someone that is the manifestation of what I would like to become. Where I live there is a lack of resources, and I don't know what path to follow. So, my contact with the spiritual world is limited to the internet, and I find a lot of information coming from Argentina. I would like to know if you can help me by long distance, or give me advice - is it the crystal bowls that can help me find my mission?

I am interested in crystal bowl therapy to harmonize the chakras, as a patient. And I have the inner need to study as your disciple. Could that be possible?

I need to experience this again. It was something incredible for me. Pleasure and pure.

Loving Soul,
May today be for you, Miguel Angel, the crossing to a space of renewed joy and realization. That Heaven and earth fill you with blessings. Despite my absence and silence, I am here celebrating deeply and profoundly your message through the bowls. Pleasure and Joy in your celebration.
A big hug from the center of my heart,

I was at one of your sonic meditations, and I loved it. I want to know, when is the next one, and if I can bring my son of 13 years old?

Dear Miguel,
I'm sorry you went through hard times, I want you to know that your wonderful melody has opened many doors for many souls. That is what took place at the concert at our center in Antakarana. What you do is very valuable. It is marvelous, it has a high price. If someone doesn't understand that, it is their problem, not yours. Because what you are doing is worth a lot. We are looking forward to the next concert.

Nice to meet you,
I am Miriam. I live in Mendoza. I love holistic therapies. I do reiki and reflexology, and work with quartz energy. Really, it is a pleasure to meet you. Somebody sent me your web page. It's beautiful what you do.

Thank you for your information. I was at your concert at a yoga salon in 6ta. (Sexta) Section. Perhaps I prefer writing this, rather than saying this in front of so many people. How good I felt listening to the sound of your bowls, and your skill to play them. The meditation was interesting, and the results of well-being also. I even had tears freeing blockages. I share also the group vision to work together for love and kindness for all. There were moments where my body was vibrating so much, and entered into the brain hemisphere. I laughed a lot the next day. I thoroughly recommend this.

Thank you Miguel. The workshop with bowls was an incredible experience for me. I connected with my inner-self, and the center of the universe. I'm looking forward to doing this again.

Thank you Miguel. Very nice what you have done with the Vibratory Net in Mendoza. I'm in Buenos Aires now. I got your message at a very special moment, right on time.
Thank you,

Hello Miguel Angel,
What beautiful pictures. The work you are doing is harmonizing, beautiful, and uniting. What a privilege for you! Big hug. Let's keep in touch.

Hello Miguel Angel,
I just found you on the web, and I feel we share the same vibration. Your work is very valuable.
According to the illusion of this plane, I do not know you. Is this true? You never know :)
I send you a big hug of light,